Pioneer Medicine


   This class, taught by internationally known Master Herbalist Kim Welborn, is a fun-filled, hands-on, educational experience. Focused on the traditional folk-medicine remedies of the first settlers and plain-crossers here, you’ll learn how today’s medicines evolved from old-time practices, why cough syrups are cherry-flavored, what the original coffee was made of, and the first types of pain relievers.


The Pioneer Medicine Kit

This is a hands-, mouth- and nose-on experience that has been successfully presented to hundreds of audiences of all ages. It’s an excellent companion to the “Prairie Primer” or any study of early American life. Kits contain the audio (90 minutes) or video (60 minutes), enough sample material for up to six people, a list of common foods and items that will be presented as remedies,and a review quiz that may be duplicated as needed. Sampling refills are also available for larger groups. With the increasing popularity of herbal and traditional remedies, there is something here for everyone!

Video kit 29.95
Audio kit 19.95
Audio alone 9.95, video 19.95
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The Bible Medicine Kit

“Bible Medicine” includes samples of Biblical grains, hyssop, myrhh and bitter herbs, along with suggestions and recipes for a biblical meal.

Audio alone 9.95
Complete kit 19.95
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Coming soon are “Ancient Medicine™” which covers the Greek and Roman roots of modern medicine, and "Medieval Medicine™", which covers Persian and early European traditions, many of which carry into modern health care.

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